Allotment note 4/3/17

Sowed Onion ‘Liria’ in seed tray, on prop bench at 25C.
Pricked off Leeks ‘Musselburgh’ sown 5/2 into 4L pot. Will plant out when bigger. This was an early sowing, will do another soonish.
Pricked off Tomato ‘Sungold’ into 9cm pots. In Sylvamix peat free with 2.5g/L CRF added. Back on window ledge.

Tomatoes on the window ledge. South facing, so mustn’t allow to dry out.


Up the plot removed Flowersprouts, which have been good but now running to flower. Mulched area with compost. Early potatoes will go in very soon, pretty much on soil surface beneath mulch. ‘Charlotte’ and ‘Kestrel’ chitting now, the former bought, the latter saved from last year’s harvest. I’ll be doing a few of each in pots in polytunnel.

Flowersprouts going to seed; will get shredded and composted.
Six 35L tubs of compost on bed already mulched in autumn.
Eight tubs of compost where Flowersprouts removed. Purple curly kale good for a while yet. Garlic at right of picture and Russian Purple kale, top middle, looking pretty good.

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