Allotment note 13/3/2017

There’s very much a sense of the season accelerating; that transition from not enough to too much to do. This was my week, as far as veg goes.

5/3/17 Planted potatoes Charlotte and Kestrel. I planted Kestrel 18/3 lst year and they were fine so I should be OK. I’ve put more Kestrel in pots to go out when Purple Curly Kale gives up. There’s 3 inches of compost where they are planted, which I shall use for earthing up, maybe with more added if needed.

My fruit bushes are breaking bud, I gave them a lightish feed with Vitax Q4HN.

Today I sowed Pea Meteor on the plot. Not grown it before. My one attempt at autumn sowing failed, in Cornwall too many slugs are active all winter I think. I’ve put mesh over the top to deter mice, though I haven’t had problems in the past.

Peas protected, hopefully, from mice.


Also sowed, in pots, Lettuce Red Salad Bowl, Black Seeded Simpson and Lollo Rosso as well as Cucumber Carmen. I’ve planted my Rumba Onion sets in cell trays to get them started.

To the right of the peas in the picture is an area where I spread some finely shredded leaves in the autumn. They have done an excellent job of protecting the soil beneath but haven’t broken down at all. If repeated it needs to be a very thin topping, they are a bit in the way of planting and sowing. I’m slightly surprised it didn’t blow away.

3 thoughts on “Allotment note 13/3/2017

  1. I agree with that feeling of being behind before even starting! I had a mass sowing in the polytunnel and greenhouse at the weekend. That should keep the score level for a few days! Your plot is looking very ready.


    1. Believe me, some bits are more ready than others, the fruit cage is a weedy mess for starters. But you know, you have a quick peek at everyone else’s plots and think maybe you’re a bit more on top of things than some.

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  2. I constantly feel that I am always behind! I think that if you didn’t feel this way you are probably doing something wrong! (Or doing something right and I want to know what the secret is!) Hopefully, we will ge the weather and the time to play some catch up!


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