I retired from my job on a nursery in August 2014, a little earlier than I’d planned. Since then our garden and my allotments have had rather more attention than before. They’re done with the benefit of a lifetime as a professional horticulturalist behind me, which helps a bit but not as much as you might think. Growing plants on a nursery and growing them at home are quite different.

Our garden is in south-east Cornwall and has been a work in progress since 1989. I have pictures of it then and it’s unrecognisable. I hope to be around to look at the pictures I’m taking now in another 27 years time and for it to be unrecognisable again.

I also have two allotments, on one of which I grow fruit and veg. I’m a year into doing that without digging, about which I may have more to say. The other plot is temporarily holding Camellias, about which I will have little to say here but more on my other blog at https://jimscamellias.com/


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  1. Dear Jim, I came across your website for the first time today and am most impressed by your plant lists, esp your Camellias. I’ve worked at Trebah part-time for the last 14 yrs as Plant Archivist and have compiled a photo library of ‘nearly’ everything we have growing here, including quite a number of Camellias. Perhaps you’d be interested in having a look at some of our pictures? Best wishes Nicky Wharton


    1. I quite agree. Less work and less time expended for the same or better results. I have a couple of Dowding’s books and have looked at quite a bit of his online stuff. I don’t follow his methods to the letter, my conditions are a little different from his, but I follow his logic. Roger Brook comes at no-dig from a different angle and his blog is well worth reading, IMHO. http://www.nodiggardener.co.uk/


      1. Part of the art of gardening is adapting ideas to suit your own circumstances Jim. I do read Roger Brook, as you say he comes at it from a different angle, not least not organic.


  2. I lost a fabulous beautiful fuchsia Jadi Messingtetra about a year ago and have not been able to find a nursery that can supply a replacement. Do you know where I can obtain it? In anticipation, thank you. Chris


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