Allotment note 3/3/17

img_2142bToday I received a few packets of seed from The Real Seed Catalogue. I picked up on them on Charles Dowding’s blog and wanted to try them out.

Salads were a success last year in the sense that we ate almost all I grew and could have done with more, especially into autumn and winter. Thus I ordered Giant Goosefoot, which looks colourful, winter lettuce and perennial sorrel Belleville.

I fancied having another go at onions from seed and Liria was described as having done well in Wales; I figured it could do well in Cornwall. Must sow them tomorrow. I also got Runner bean The Czar, thinking to focus on getting ripe seeds for winter soups and stews. They will hybridise with all the other runners on the allotment site but I might still keep and sow some out of curiosity.

I love that they’ve sent with the seeds advice on collecting seed for each of the things I’ve bought. I just might give it a go.


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