A video for August

It’s over a month since I did my Spielberg thing so I’ve been out with the iPhone again, trying to capture the essence of the garden as it is now. Mostly I filmed it yesterday, with grey skies and a blustery wind. Today the grey skies and blustery wind were joined by rain. An ambient soundtrack was a non-starter; no tweeting birds on this one.

No subtitles either, so I hope you can make out my mumbles of plant names. You’ll spot things I haven’t mentioned by name too. Please ask if you want to know.

Turns out it wouldn’t upload as a single big file so I’ve split it into two. You can play them both at once and see twice as much in half the time.

11 thoughts on “A video for August

  1. What a treat to see all your plants Jim. Excellent presentation. Crocosmia and agapanthus do seem to have done well this year. ‘Paul’s Best Yellow’ has been outstanding in Sussex clay – but it needs a bit of room.


    1. Thanks Mike, glad you enjoyed it. Sounds like I need to keep an idea on Paul’s Best Yellow, though there’s room for it to spread into the space where my Heleniums gave up.


  2. Thanks again Jim. Great stuff. I am envious of your indigofera pendula which I keep trying and losing. I have planted many alstroemerias around our new bit of house and they have been fantastic for colour for months now. John


    1. I very much hope I don’t lose the Indigofera, I have its future planned out and dying isn’t part of it. I will try growing Alstroemeria in the ground again but they haven’t done well in the past. In the front, which is like a quarry it’s so rocky, I may try plunged pots.


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