Six on Saturday – 1/2/2020

February already, where did January go? Washed away mostly it seems. I’m sure things are improving but the pace is oh so slow.

I joined in for a while with an End of Month View meme but ran out of things to say. I took this picture every month which was a good way of tracking the changes, both seasonal and wrought by me and my spade. I still take the picture most months, to no particular purpose. Yesterday’s version of it certainly captures the prevailing mood of January. The Hak macs have it still, through the gloom.

A year or two back I accepted a gift of oriental poppy. It’s a bit less grand than most, a slightly ragged semi-double orange flower. It hasn’t done much, till now. What it is doing now is shooting up over a much larger area than last year in a way that is ringing alarm bells. I have enough thugs, it will get dealt with harshly if that’s what it becomes.

Part of my strategy for growing the maximum number of plants in a limited space is to go for dual or even triple occupancy of the same piece of ground. Seeing a crocus pushing through Hakonechloa last year, I thought I’d plant corms into the grass. The thought was that the Hakonechloa would get cut down just as the crocus came up and then then be growing back up again as the crocus leaves faded. The Crocus are up but the grass still looks good so I cut down just the part where I’d planted the crocus. I should have planted in one of the Hak macs that collapses sooner, not the one that stands the longest.

Shooting Clematis. I was wondering back in mid December what would happen if I cut Clematis back much earlier than the books tell you too, given how much new growth has been made by the time I usually do them in February. One that I cut just before Christmas is romping away again. C. viticella ‘Etoile Violette’ maybe? Sadly, something is munching on the new shoots.

It being Camellia season, I have to include something. This is the one that I planted out last week, a variety called ‘Sweet Jane’. The flowers are about 5cm across so it would qualify as a miniature in competitions, but flowers so early it’s likely to be finished before the first competitions get held.

Crocus sieberi ‘Tricolor’. I bought a hundred and planted one bag of 25 corms into a terracotta half pot. There’s been no sun to get them properly open, I might get another picture and swap it with this one at some point. One or two of the 75 planted in the garden are pushing buds up.

I’m going out to a garden centre this morning. Just for coffee and a mooch about. I wont be buying anything. Before you know it I’ll be back to browse the global garden diary that we’re all chipping in to. Links as ever on The Propagator’s site. (I could do with getting some ericaceous compost and I need carrot seeds if they have what I want. I’ll look at their big pots too, I need something to go on the stump of the tree I felled last year. That would mean more compost too)


19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 1/2/2020

  1. I have exactly the same item this morning of the new shoots of clematis which appear after having cut down the plant.
    Very pretty crocuses in this pot! I had never thought of growing them in pots so far, but it’s very well enhanced, thanks to your photo. Have a great weekend, Jim.


  2. Your crocus in the pot look great, very artistic! Love Sweet Jane too, is it widely available? I have a good friend called Jane and it would make the perfect gift. Let us hope that February brings a few more kind gardening days. Fingers crossed.


  3. “I won’t be buying anything” – oh, yes? Heard that before!
    Love the photo of your Crocus sieberi ‘Tricolor’ – I planted some for the first time in a border, hope they look as gorgeous as these. And your camellia is such a pretty shade.


  4. Those little crocus sure give a popping of colour this time of the year. I too go for many plants cheek by jowl, simply because I want more plants than I have place for…so better to have plants that sing for a short time and then disappear. Your garden however is much more elegant with its mature planting of evergreens and plants with winter interest as shown in your border picture.


  5. Those hak macs really do make that 1st photo pop. That colour’ll make a great backdrop for the crocus, should they bloom, so perhaps not a mistake after all in your planting. I’m yet another whose eyes popped open at that bowl of crocus. Really stunning. How much stuff did you buy?


    1. The crocuses that came up through the Hak last year and made me think it might work are nowhere to be seen this year. They were big brash purple ones whereas this years additions were species. Perhaps they’ll come up later. See reply to Heyjude re purchases.

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    1. Nearly got away with it at the GC, see reply to Heyjude. It’s very hard to keep track of bulbs, there’s not much sign of my C tricolor in the garden, but there are some, so where’s the rest? Three unopened buds from 75 corms is not value for money.


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