Six on Saturday – 1/9/2018

I usually have to pretend I’m writing on a Saturday but not this week. A blizzard of a week, possibly; disorganised, certainly; bit of a sense of things slowing down, not so much changing from one week to the next, let’s go with that.

Six reflections on the colour red.

I had a row of Dahlias on my veg plot last year, which I dug up last autumn, and missed one. Dahlia ‘Alva’s Doris’ amongst the cabbages.

SOS592Talking of cabbages, this is ‘Kalibos’, a “red” cabbage. Strip away the outer leaves and it would look better; slice it in half and it’s a thing of beauty. It’s not red though.

“I support the left, but I’m leaning, leaning to the right”. Changing allegiances later in life, how does that happen? I blame JK.

SOS596I already peeked at someone else’s post and am experiencing a twinge of guilt over this one. I grew chillies this year, for the first time. ‘Apache’ and ‘Ring of Fire’. They did rather well, and there’s more to come. Lots more.

SOS597Not meant to be. There was a rogue seed in the ‘Sungold’ packet, which only became apparent when these very small red cherries ripened. They’re OK, but ‘Sungold’ are better.

SOS591Start with a Dahlia, finish with a Dahlia. Really deep reds don’t jump out like the vivid reds; I’m drawn to them close up, but they don’t pack a punch in a planting scheme, especially if they only produce a few flowers at a time. They’re also difficult to get an accurate photo of, this is about right, but it’s away from the context where it’s growing, amongst many other, brighter Dahlias. It’s the darkest of my seedlings. Name, you want a name? I’ll call it ‘Jim’s Dark Red’, unless you can come up with something better.

Right, I’d better get this posted and stick a link onto The Propagator’s Six, so the world knows I’m still here. I urge you not to be a passive bystander but to join in, it is truly fascinating to get these little windows into such a wide range of other people’s gardens.

23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 1/9/2018

  1. Love red! The last Dahlia is a beautiful rich colour and I have noticed on your theme that you have to hover over the images to make them brighter. And I have to say that photo of the tomatoes is excellent – great DOF there Jim, not to mention great tomatoes. Glad I got my lawn mown yesterday as it is rather ‘soft’ here today!


  2. Jim’s Red or Twiddly Bits, that’s a nice dahlia. And blessed is he who repenteth his sins. As you experience the joy of Niwaki Toshibos, may I also point you towards their camellia oil as a lubricant? It has a big bonus if you need to oil as you’re pruning – it won’t harm the plants if it gets on them. They sell a little gizmo with a felt pad on it which you fill with the stuff and keep in your pocket for a quick swipe along the blades.


    1. My Felcos usually have the blades glued together with chopped slug. The volunteer tomato might have had a warmer welcome in a lean year but we’re eating about a pound of Sungolds a day each, even after giving loads away.

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  3. I like your red wave. About cherry toms,I grew up “Sungold” a few years ago and found “Cerisette lylia” in a tomato garden in the centrer of France. I grow them for 2 years with “Super sweet” which are very tasty too.


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