Six on Saturday – 30/7/2022. Putting on a Front.

I looked out the front window and noticed that the Agapanthus were flowering and should be in this week’s six. Before I knew it, I’d amassed six or more items from out there and it was clear that a subtitle was needed.

Agapanthus ‘Northern Star’. This has featured in this meme before and will no doubt feature again. It’s very definitely a good’n.

Behind the Agapanthus are a couple of flavours of Alstroemeria; ‘Indian Summer’ on the right is a group of three plants in 20L pots sunk to the rim in the ground. On the left is Alstroemeria ‘Summer Break’, which I put into a six at the beginning of July. The three ‘Indian Summer’ plants went in this week to replace an earlier three that had stopped flowering because the slugs browse off all the new shoots. They’re in my tunnel recovering.

Some subjects are just beyond the reach of my camera, which trips up on very high contrast imagery. In all likelihood this had no label when we bought it; the nursery it came from didn’t really go in for labels. I think it’s Calibrachoa Superbells Unique ‘Dark Red’. We put four or five into a tall glazed pot and they have filled it, spilled over nearly to the ground and flowered their hearts out. It’s another good’n.

Senecio ‘Angel Wings’. When we saw a batch of decent plants of this and not at an eye watering price, we succumbed to temptation. What can I say about it? Everything about it shouts of a plant that won’t survive a Cornish winter, because of the wet not the cold. But perhaps it won’t rain again and it’ll die of drought; it’s impressively thirsty at the moment.

One of my Tregrehan rare plant fair purchases was this Geranium incanum. It’s very different from the thing I had been growing under that name, green leaved rather than silvery. Not everything in the front garden is loud and brash and vying for attention. Just most of it. I wonder if this would go from cuttings?

Eucomis vandermerwei ‘Octopus’ is one of several Eucomis varieties, all in pots, that is now flowering out the front. It’s tiny, just a few inches tall, with dark red flowers and very spotty leaves. The simple fact is, it’s a good’n.

On the whole, I’m happy with how the front garden has come through the summer so far. The bare strip along the front edge, left when the drive was done, filled with California poppies and looked great for a month but is now all seed heads. I’m being told it looks awful but to me it looks fine. Amaryllis cause problems, bare all summer but still want sun on the bulbs, precluding planting to fill the space. I’d better add some views to put the six individuals in context; if you consider them to be a bending of the rules my advice is not to look at them. Besides, the cat’s away, so this mouse is playing.

28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 30/7/2022. Putting on a Front.

  1. Fabulous! The Calibrachoa is a stunner, and I really like that tiny Eucomis – I seem to have the regular variety with huge strappy leaves and enourous flower stalks now shooting up….there’s no room for them inside so come October I cut off the leaves, put them in paper bags and store them, pots and all, in the basement for the winter. Need to look for the small one…


  2. That sort of garden would certainly be on my circular walks from home, we are too far away, and I am yet to ever see one that betters yours.


    1. Being at the end of a cul-de-sac we don’t get people walking past. There’s a house down the estate, on a corner with a big, on show garden which used to be lovely and is now getting ripped out and covered in mypex and bark chippings. All I see is a heartbreaking missed opportunity.


  3. You have a nice bundle of calibrachoas! Your front garden is quite successful, you’re right. You are coping well with the lack of water and the drought we have this summer.
    The Agapanthes are at the rendezvous this summer. Mine are up too !


    1. The water butt isn’t of short stature, it just looks that way in the photo. The plant in front is in quite a tall pot. It’s a standard 100L slim line butt, sold under various brands, possibly made by Wards. I have a submersible pump which I put in it to pump the water into my main storage tanks round the corner; in heavy rain it fills quite quickly.

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    1. It’s a fine line between a plant managing to propagate itself and not. New Zealand has problems with several things that grow here but are kept in check by the competition; lupins, Monterey pine, Mimulus, hawkbit are things I recall. Even saw Tropaeolum speciosum escaping into the wild out there, here it’s a challenge in gardens.


  4. California poppy naturally blooms fast early in spring, and then finishes prior to the warmth of summer. They seem to perform better in milder climates than within their native range, probably because bloom lasts longer. Nonetheless, it does not last forever. To me, they look fine when they go to seed. It is just part of the process, and gives them the chance to toss seed for the following year. Of course, you can pull them out when their seed is gone.


    1. Going to seed is a completely acceptable part of the natural process in the wild but in gardens gets more contentious, with some seedheads deemed acceptable and others swiftly removed. Fact is, Sue likes tidy more than I do and it can lead to disagreements, a state of affairs that will surprise no-one.

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  5. The front garden looks lovely, but very different from when we saw it. Can you believe that was probably over 4 years ago? The Superbells are a dramatic red and look very lush.


    1. Four years! It is truly terrifying how fast time passes. Doing the drive forced some changes, as did new neighbours; I don’t think they were here then either? Then there are spontaneous changes like Echiums coming up.

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  6. Jim, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your garden and posts. Such a lot of hard work and quite beautiful. Even in west York’s we have had a hot, dry summer and in my garden it’s been damage limitation rather than gardening. Pots only watered, and a lot of cutting back, no gardening as such, next year……


    1. I’m glad you enjoy my posts and it’s nice to be reminded that there are readers/followers out there beyond the regular contributors to the SoS meme; I’m conscious of the danger of these things getting cliquey. As for water, it’s not going to get any easier and I wish water storage was simpler, cheaper and took up less space. Growing fewer plants in pots would help too.


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