Six on Saturday – 4/6/2022

June already, there’s not enough hours in the day or days in the week, to say nothing of energy in my body. The cottage garden look of flouncy self sown stuff continues, though the Aquilegias seem to have gone over quickly this year. The effect is briefly colourful and pretty but never tidy and it tips over into messy very quickly. I tend to seize on that as an excuse to pull things out and move on to the next phase, rather than milking it for as long as possible.

I’ve done quite a lot of planting this week, notably of some of my purchases from last Sunday’s plant fair at Tregrehan. One of the stall holders there turned up again at a garden I visited on Wednesday with the Hardy Plant Society, necessitating another purchase. I’d resisted buying anything from him (James Treseder) on Sunday, so it seemed only fair. This morning has seen the whole lot very thoroughly watered in, seven hours of steady rain and counting, water storage overflowing. So lots going on, all I need to do is to whittle it down to six.

In the greenhouse, out of the rain, a rain lily. Habranthus, species unknown, an impulse buy last year from the aforementioned nurseryman. That I’ve kept it going for a year is something though I don’t think I could say it had progressed much in that time. I should try Habranthus in the garden, though I’m pretty sceptical about it surviving.

Geranium pratense albiflorum or album. At any event, a white flowered form of meadow cranesbill. I collected seed from some plants growing on the verge of a lane just across the A30 from Jamaica Inn. I had several but am now down to two, swamped by and mistaken for G. oxonianum, which is now banished from this garden. This could be my favourite of the Geraniums I grow, such a clear white simple flower, though still not very many of them. They seemed much happier mixed in with masses of other herbage on the road verge. I’m not sure what I could grow them together with.

Arthropodium candidum. I got seed of Arthropodium candidum ‘Rubrum’ or ‘Purpureum’ from the HPS a few years back and got a mix of green and purple plants from it. Several weeks ago I planted all I had out in the ground, a couple of green and three purples. They are all doing well so far and I will collect seed but leave the plants in the ground come autumn to take their chances. They are at the base of my big bamboo, so have some overhead protection and will be fairly dry. One of the greens is already flowering quite well though in truth it would be easily missed.

Mezzies. Mesembryanthemums of some sort, almost certainly Lampranthus. You see them draped over stone wall in sunny situations all around Cornwall but we’ve not fared especially well with them. These two were planted last year, came through the winter just fine and probably won’t be making an appearance today. Fortunately yesterday was sunny and they opened up. The one buried in geraniums probably needs moving, the contrast was too much for the camera.

One of our plant groupings is coming along nicely but we’re wishing we’d got more of the yellow daisy. There’s a Hak mac ‘All Gold’, two daisies that will have had labels which may be down the side of the pot or in a heap in the shed. Behind that is Eucomis, either ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ or ‘Zeal Bronze’, probably the former; a couple of big Plectranthus and down the back in the shade a couple of hostas.

I nearly went with my eight purchases from Tregrehan but I’ll instead stick with the bedding plant theme and enthuse about Nemesias. I remember growing annual Nemesias as a child and loving the multicoloured carpet they produced. These ones are perennials and there seem to be new colours coming along each season. We haven’t overwintered any, haven’t tried very hard, it’s easier to buy fresh and try out new ones. The big bonus in addition to the colour is the vanilla scent. I do like a scent that carries, catches you by surprise because it’s unexpected.

And still it rains, that’s about eight hours now. Glad we’re on high ground. I suppose it will stop at some point but I can’t see much gardening getting done with the ground so wet. Armchair gardening, or hard wooden chair in front of computer gardening more likely, checking out the SoS’ers via The Propagator’s links. Labels, I need to do some labels, my memory isn’t what it used to be.

23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 4/6/2022

  1. I do like the #5 combo with all these different colours. I think it might be E. ‘Zeal Bronze’ instead because my ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ leaves aren’t that dark…byt maybe I’m wrong, mine are young.
    Nice nemesias, mine will be in the next Six


  2. Is your Eucomis is a pot? And if so what size are you using and do you repot each year. I do like the look of them and am afraid I have run out of garden space.


    1. It’s in a glazed pot. At least 15L volume, 31cm across the top, internally. We’ve found they do better in pots, which I think is down to them being kept dry over winter. I lifted E. pole-evansii and ‘Pink Gin’ last winter and kept them in the greenhouse. They just get shoved under the bench or dumped in the tunnel for winter and ignored until spring when they start to move, generally quite late. They usually stay in the same pot for 3 or 4 years, then go into fresh compost.


    1. H. ‘All Gold’ is one of the brightest yellow things in the garden and a good doer. Sadly, of all the Haks I grow, it is the worst flopper, almost flat to the ground after rain. Growing it in a pot may well be the way to go.


  3. I like the grouping in Number 5 and that white geranium is very pretty. I have a large, pink version which spreads like mad but is easy to pull out where not wanted.


    1. I have gone right off the most invasive pink geranium we have; it’s easy to pull out but all too often it’s already swamped something precious before I got around to it. I wouldn’t mind the white one being a little more assertive than it is.


    1. I imagine almost everyone treats the Nemesias as annuals; we certainly don’t need any more plants to overwinter under protection. The Eucomis is rewarding being potted on last year, about two years too late. We have others that would similarly repay some tlc.

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