Not the movies.

The RHS Rhododendron, Camellia and Magnolia Group have, like everyone else, been largely unable for the past couple of seasons to have any sort of events programme. It was suggested that members post videos of their own gardens for other members to watch and enjoy. I did a couple last year and with our cycle of garden openings over for this summer, thought I’d have another go.

Most of what I had taught myself last year about filming and editing has gone from my head. We seemed to have a lot of things in the garden looking quite good still and I shot lots of short clips which I then tried to put together into a coherent whole. Soundtrack, transitions and captions all seemed straightforward last year but sadly not this. In frustration I put the first version onto Youtube with nothing to say what the plants were. Eventually I played with the titles function and posted another version with captions.

If you fancy testing your identification skills, the first video is the one to watch. Otherwise, most things are captioned (shakily) in the second almost but not quite identical version.

Take 1: The garden in September, take 1

Take 2: The garden in September, take 2

Will there be a third version? Probably not. Maybe an October film with longer clips of rather less things. I need to watch some Youtube videos about making Youtube videos. Or ask a ten year old.

3 thoughts on “Not the movies.

  1. There is way too much other material in there that I can not identify! Many might be species that are uncommon or rare here. I recognize those that the video zooms in on only because they were featured before.

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  2. I thought that was pretty good (I watched the second version)! It was great to see some of the Begonias – I’m not too familiar with a number of them and the video gives a great idea of scale and general character of the plant. The larger shrubs and trees also come across well – again I think getting a good feel for the size of them helps to place them in the context of the garden, Great stuff, thanks.


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