A seedy offer.

I always collect quite a lot of seed from plants around the garden and have already started to do so this year. Some I need to collect because they are short lived plants that have to be grown anew from seed, some are interesting plants that I perhaps fancy having more of or want to give away.

This year I thought I’d do something different and go into competition with the Hardy Plant Society and the rest. I have created a new page for a seed list and will add to it every time I get something new. If you want anything from the list, email me or use my contact form to let me know what you want, I will confirm that I have it and reserve it, then you send me a stamped envelope and I send you the seeds.

I charge you nothing, all it costs you is the postage. If you want me to hang on until something else becomes available and then send everything together that’s fine, but I will only do so if you send me the SAE; otherwise the seeds go back as available to others.

I have absolutely no idea how many takers there might be and I will have limited quantities of seed, so if I have to I will give priority to the people who have been following and commenting on my blog the longest, otherwise it’s first come, first served. I’m also open to suggestions for how I might do things better.

If you have seed yourself and care to put it in the mix, I’d be happy to add it to the list and send it out with my own.

I have to limit this to the UK, it all gets way too complicated if other countries become involved, sorry.



6 thoughts on “A seedy offer.

  1. That is pretty awesome. I would have been interested in the Cyclamen hederifolia and the Gladiolus papilio, except that someone sent me bulbs for the Gladiolus papilio, and I a neighbor will give me all the Cyclamen hederifolia I want. Otherwise, I have too many of my own seed to take on more.


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