Apple grafting – follow-up.

Back in January I did a short blog about grafting apples in the simplest way possible.
Here, exactly 3 months later, is a progress report.

I grafted three scions onto three shoots of apple that had appeared in my garden. I think they may have been suckers from the roots of an apple tree I dug out a year or two earlier.

All three are now making new growth from the scions. So far this is only about two inches on the terminal bud but it certainly looks like they’ve taken. I shall leave the ties on for now and wait until the shoots are around six inches long before removing them. There were shoots growing from the rootstock and I have removed those.

At the risk of labouring the point, this is something that is very easily done and I have mostly used the technique to graft bits of various varieties onto a tree of ‘Elstar’ that I have in the garden. It now has six varieties on it, including what is left of ‘Elstar’, all flowering now and pollinating each other without having to plant another tree.

I get better pollination, more variety, cropping over a longer season and a sense of satisfaction, all from one small tree.


11 thoughts on “Apple grafting – follow-up.

      1. Oh, so that might be difficult to remove. I just use rubber bands. That is essentially what we use at work anyway. By the time they deteriorate and fall away, they are not necessary.


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