Feel-good flowers

They put a smile on my face so maybe you’ll enjoy them too. All things flowering in my garden today.

14 thoughts on “Feel-good flowers

  1. Lovely photos and some superb photos, thanks Jim. Valerie Finnis was brought up in the house directly opposite mine and my grandparents and mother knew them well.


      1. In my childhood, her flower photos were on every birthday card and calendar. Her photo of my Granny’s Lilium auratum growing here was the front cover of The Field magazine. I think there are several plants named after her.


      2. There are far worse ways to be immortalised than having a plant or plants named after you. A friend of mine has some early paintings by Marjorie Blamey, before she was much good, frankly, but no less valued for that.


  2. Thanks for sharing your delightful collection . I went and had a look and learnt a little about Valerie Finnis. I thought I would have to walk across the garden to check a clematis planted last year…but decided I would crush too many things as it is dark. Trailed through my box of labels!!! Yes it was Clematis Bill Mackenzie which according to Wikipedia was developed by Valerie.


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