Familiarity breeds contempt.


Blechnum chilensis is a large and handsome fern. For all the many years that I didn’t possess it, I wanted it very much. Eventually a friend dug a piece from her garden and gave it to me. It took a year or two to settle down and start producing its large, handsome leaves, then it really took off. It has spread a foot or more in all directions over the last few years and though I have pulled a lot out, it had swamped a large clump of Solomon’s Seal. Like a lot of evergreens it’s always the same, not even relieved by flowers. I decided this morning that it is a plant for larger gardens than mine. It is gone, with a newly purchased Begonia and a re-located Polygonatum ‘Betberg’ already in its place. The original Polygonatum should have a chance now and perhaps I’ll plant some cyclamen for winter interest.


2 thoughts on “Familiarity breeds contempt.

  1. I’ve had similar experiences with other plants, never ferns, but it doesn’t matter what the plant is, the disappointment is the same. I wish you better luck with the Begonia and Polygonatum “Betberg”.


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