Six on Saturday – 26/8/2017

What a busy week we’ve had. Last Sunday we went up to the flower show at RHS Rosemoor. It rained, which was a shame, but was enjoyable for all that. Restricted plant purchases to three items. Then Thursday we went the other way, to Penzance, taking in the National Dahlia collection field of Dahlias; awesome; and St Michael’s Mount garden. Came back with nothing but a long wanted list of Dahlias. Then Sue went to a garden centre this morning and came back with two sedums.

Sedum ‘Rose Carpet’. The purchase was justified on the grounds that even at full price, they were exceptional value for money. Sedums have not done well for us in the past, dying out over winter. The front garden is the sunniest place we have and that’s where they have both gone. The Amaryllis just muscled their way into the picture but I featured them last week so they’ve had their fifteen minutes of fame. They are looking pretty good though.

A warm welcome. This is what greets you as you approach our front door. We just had a porch built, so haven’t quite got used to it yet. Every time Monty Don says he doesn’t like begonias, we buy a couple more. There are a couple of Agave’s in there that stay all year, A. montana and A. parryi, the rest gets moved under cover, or dies.

Dahlias. I sowed seed that I’d saved from Dahlia ‘Orange Cushion’ a couple of years back. I planted them on my allotment and now have three in flower. Two are clear red, one a little more double than the other, and today an almost single bronzy orange opened. None would be out of place among the named varieties in the National Collection, but nor are they distinct enough or outstanding enough to be worth naming. I shall keep them though, all three have long stems and will be good for cutting. I am motivated to try and get seed from other varieties and grow some more.

Three seedlings and ‘Orange Cushion’, the parent, at bottom right.

Fuchsia Gall Mite. I spotted this distorted shoot midweek. I’ve had gall mite once before, at the same time of year, two years ago. On that occasion I cut the whole plant down to the ground. It regrew in the spring and hasn’t had any problems since. This one is in a pot and I cut off the infected shoot and one either side of it, all to ground level. As with the last occasion, I am now on high alert and will check every fuchsia we have, and those hanging over the fence from next door, every few days until the end of the year. On the previous occasion there was no recurrence, let’s hope for the same this time.

Onions. A week ago I lifted my onions and left them lying on the ground on my allotment. Today I brought about half home and have put them on the south facing shed roof to dry out properly. I grew ‘Rumba’, an improved ‘Sturon’ type, from sets. They did well, perhaps not quite as well as last year, more variable in size. ‘Liria’ and ‘Red Brunswick’ were from seed. ‘Liria’ I pricked off into cells, singly, in pairs and in threes. Predictably, the singles grew biggest. You don’t always want a big onion though.

There’s a label on this saying Leucojum autumnale, which name has been changed to Acis autumnalis. I think I bought it at one of the Plant Heritage plant sales in Tavistock along with another plant that I was going to include in this six, labelled just “Hesperantha” and having just opened a single pink bloom. Unfortunately, it met with an accident before I got to it with the camera and that flower stem is no longer with us. There is another, perhaps it will appear next week. I was quite surprised by the Acis appearing; if it has had leaves they went unnoticed. I’d quite forgotten it was there.

My thanks as ever to ThePropagator for creating and hosting this meme; check out his six, plus links to other contributors at

One thought on “Six on Saturday – 26/8/2017

  1. I’ve got a bunch of hesperantha I’ve grown from seed this year. Theyve taken ages to get going but are now in 1L pots ,abkut a foot high. They look like iris or crocosmia in terms of leaf shape. I don’t expect to get flowers this year, but if I remember rightly they are late flowering. Mine are ‘zeal salmon’, or children thereof. I recognise that slightly desperate sense of trying to minimise plant purchases, with only a few being a small victory. Mind you, you have a garden the size of Wisley,so I don’t know what you’re worrying about!


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