Six on Saturday – 12/8/2017

There’s an abundance of bloom in my garden now so I’ve gone with six flowery items.

Agapanthus ‘Windsor Grey’. Our Agapanthus haven’t excelled this year, with less flower spikes lasting for a shorter than usual time. This one is flowering for the first time and I don’t recall planting it. Just one spike which I’ve pictured against my Chionochloa rubra. Any greyness owes more to the weather than the flower; another mizzly day.

Dahlias. After a patchy start, the dahlias, of which I have several, are starting to really perform. It’s for strong, vivid colours that I grow them, so I have very few in pale or pastel colours.

Clockwise: ‘Red Velvet’, ‘Kalinka’, ‘Karma Chocolate’ and ‘Veritable’

Hedychium ‘Stephen’. I bought this years ago under the name ‘Filigree’, which is wrong. It may not be the original clone of ‘Stephen’, which can set viable seed and comes more or less true from it. There are few if any plants to rival the ginger lilies for an tropical exotic look and hardy over much of the UK.
Geranium ‘Rozanne’. Because ‘Rozanne’ never stops flowering, it doesn’t get a post display chop, so grows and spreads more than most. It needs to be planted where the growth can be accommodated, over a path or wall perhaps. It is such a good plant and so widely planted that there is sure to be a backlash against it from the style police at some point.

Begonia semperflorens cv. I picked up this double flowered Begonia semperflorens form in the bedding section of a local garden centre. I potted it into a one litre pot and have kept it in the greenhouse where it has flowered continuously for months. I made a bit of an attempt to put a name to it before including it here, without success. I think I like it.

It had to be a Fuchsia to complete the six. I think we have around seventy varieties and I must write a blog about them sometime. This one is ‘Jorma van Eijk’.


So that’s it for another week. I hope you enjoyed them and will check out links to other sixes at ThePropagator, host of this meme. Better still, join in and take a peek into other gardener’s lives each week.

4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 12/8/2017

  1. Please delay a fuchsia post! I’m a fan (sorry Mr CJJ, I have about 15 hardies and 30 or so tenders) but am still working through your camellias. 😉 I would ask though, are you growing your Agapanthus in tubs or in the ground? I’m trying to get my head around why my ground-planted ones haven’t performed this year while the couple in constricted tubs (I know they like that) have been great.


    1. All my Agapanthus are in the ground. It was far from a great year for mine, I don’t know why. They like sun and underperform if stuff grows up too high around them and shades them a lot. I’m not fretting, everything has below par years sometimes. Fuchsias is going to be a work in progress for a while, so it’ll be weeks before I put fingers to keyboard. Never going to have as much to say about Fuchsias as Camellias. When you say you’re working through my camellias, is that on this site or on ? I suffer from OCD. Obsessive Camellia Disorder.


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