Six on Saturday – 8-7-2017

I had the bright idea of doing six plants that were self-sowing volunteers in the garden but quickly realised that I have four or five times that number, some more welcome than others. I’ll mention a couple.

One. Papaver atlanticum pops up where it pleases, producing a flat rosette of grey leaves then putting up slender stems topped by orange flowers that seem somehow devoid of the hard to place stridency of many nearly the same colour blooms.

Two. Not that I have a problem with hard to place stridency. One option is to stick it in a pot and put it out the front of the house. South facing and backed by a white wall, it is ideal territory for serious sun seekers. We just had a new porch installed, which seems to have created a divide between the flowery stuff to the left, pictured, and the succulents to the right.

Three. Talking of things that were getting in the way, I collected seed from a couple of my Dahlias last year and had several plants that needed to go somewhere until they flowered and I could see if any are worth keeping. Yesterday I cleared two lots of peas and the broad beans from my allotment and was wondering what I could plant this late in the season. The Dahlias are now on my allotment.

Four. Hypericum calycinum use to be a very popular ground cover plant, then it started getting a rust disease that made it all but ungrowable in many places. I don’t know whether the patch we have was something we planted many years ago or whether it came under the fence from next door, but it has done rather well in the last few years and the flowers would be extraordinary if they weren’t so familiar.SOS10

Five. Geranium ‘Nimbus’ was a new acquisition last year and is now really getting into its stride. Hardy Geraniums can be very good garden plants but all too often cross the line into weediness or downright thuggery. For now this one is behaving itself impeccably.

Six. This one, which I think is Geranium x oxonianum, though to be honest I don’t care very much, is an ill mannered thug. It’s not even the worst one we have. I suppose it’s quite pretty, but so is Japanese knotweed.

That’s my six offerings for this week. Grateful to ThePropagator for creating and hosting the meme, I’m off to check out other peoples Saturday sixes.

2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 8-7-2017

  1. Evening Jim. Hope my geraniums are not thuggish in character. Bought them at a plant fair. Nice Six, hope to see you next week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. JJ


  2. I’ve got a couple of thuggish geraniums. Fortunately they haven’t spread underground but they were spreading way too much overground. So I’ve installed a bit of trellis about 3 feet high over each of them at about a 60-degree angle.. After a minimum of early encouragement, they’ve transformed into climbers and become contained! When they reach the edge of the trellis, they just hang down and drop back to earth, which they reach about the time I’d be chopping back.

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