Allotment half term report.


Midsummer seems like an appropriate time to take stock. Most things have done well; I think I have the soil management side of things where I want it. My failures and problems are not soil related: cabbage root fly, not enough water and as of today, mice going for my peas.

The one thing that I haven’t quite resolved with the no-dig regime relates to the areas where brassicas stand all winter. Bare ground I have mulched with compost in autumn, ground planted with leeks and parsnips in late winter. By spring when I want to start planting the ground is in good condition.

The brassicas stay until March or April and I’ve been following them almost immediately with potatoes. The soil seems to be more compacted after the brassica rotation than any other and there is no time for a mulch to get taken down into the soil before the spuds need to go in. I think I will loosen it with a fork next year, without turning it over, then work some compost into the top inch or two of soil. My Charlotte earlies have done well but the second early Kestrels are not looking brilliant.

Garlic has been terrible for the second year running. Higher fertility, more water and quite a lot of lime may provide the solution.

Pea ‘Twinkle’, about 40 cm tall.


I grew Meteor peas this year and have had a couple of pickings. The flavour has been compared unfavourably to Greenshaft, which I will go back to next year. Twinkle is a very short variety not requiring support. They’re very nearly ready, look to have a good crop and taste sweet eaten raw.

Enviromesh was a good purchase for protecting my carrots, which are carrot fly free for the first time. I think the mesh also traps heat and slows wind; the foliage is particularly lush under it. I’ve simply laid it over wire hoops and buried the edges. I will try some salad items like mizuna and radishes under it next year, hoping it will stop flea beetle.

Runner beans and broad beans.

The runner beans have started flowering, the inevitable glut is not far off. I will not worry so much about leaving beans unpicked this year, they were very usable as dried beans last year. Broad beans can and will be frozen, they are more appropriate to our winter menus than summer salads. Bamboo “rails” are providing support on my windy plot.

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