Six on Saturday – 27/5/2017


One) I know it’s only an optical illusion, but plants are set off better by moist dark soil than pale dry stuff. After last night’s deluge, which combined the most sustained lightning I have seen in my life with rain akin to the tropical downpours I’ve seen in Australia, moist and dark wasn’t a problem. My broad beans are a bit battered, but on the whole it’s looking good.


Two) The point at which the runner beans go in always seems a bit more significant than most other allotment activities. Everyone is always looking over their shoulder at how everyone else is going on; there’s cachet in being first unless it all goes wrong and it turns out you should have waited. You can sneak in some carrots or beetroot without it being noticed; not so the runners. A big row of canes appears and cannot be ignored. I’m very glad it was only rain last night, hail would have been catastrophic.


Three) For what it’s worth, this is Maianthemum flexuosum. The pink petals are all that remains of the camellia, actually two camellias, that were dug out to create the space. One was a sucker that came up from the roots of Camellia ‘Arajishi’ about two years after I dug it out to make space for the second one. That never had a name. It was one of a batch of seedlings, sown around 2005, which showed some real promise. I planted it here and it grew and flowered and was almost but not quite a really good plant. I tried to find a picture of the flower, but couldn’t. It was big, bright pink and semi-double. Not especially distinct from a couple of others I know, but pretty good. Trouble was its buds started opening in January but progressed so slowly that most years the edges of the petals were frosted before the blooms eventually opened in April. A handful of blooms would open later and escape, but most were a bit skanky. Yesterday I dug it up and shredded it.


Four) Fuchsia microphylla is the hardiest of the Fuchsias we grow. Most years it keeps most of its leaves through the winter and quite often it flowers right through too. By March it is looking pretty tatty so it gets cut to a couple of inches from the ground and starts over. This year it was still looking so good we never got to cutting it down. It is awash with flowers and the flowers are swarming with bees.


Five) I don’t know how it works for other people, but there are bits of our garden that are “mine”, there are bits that are “ours” and there are bits that are “hers”. The 12 x 8 ft greenhouse that houses the cacti is “hers”. She’s out today, so I sneaked in and took a couple of pictures.


Six) The polytunnel, on the other hand, is “mine”. It is mostly full of young camellia plants, but that’s another story; in summer shade is provided for the camellias by a row of tomatoes down the middle path. I’m pretty chuffed with these, all are ‘Sungold’, most have a couple of trusses of blooms on them, which I’m fairly certain is a long way ahead of any previous years efforts. Perhaps this will be the year when we get sick of fresh tomatoes, but I doubt it.

My thanks to ThePropagator for starting and hosting this meme. I must nip over and check out his post; see if anyone else has come aboard too.

2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 27/5/2017

  1. I have soft spot for fuschia, they seem to be a little sniffed at these days for some reason. Bit twee maybe. Reliable performer tho. ‘re last night’s rain, we are away camping in Dorset. Truly spectacular thunderstorm here last night, most sustained lightning I’ve ever witnessed, quite impressive from inside a tent, if mildly alarming. Not sure if we got caught at home – hope not, I left a bunch of stuff out hardening off….


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