End of month view – November 2016


Last day of November and for this Cornish garden, the first frost of the season. Did it blacken my dahlias? Well no, because the wind and rain had reduced them to an unsightly mess weeks ago and they were cut down and lifted, or in some cases covered with a heap of leaves, weeks ago.


The pictures of frost covered grasses that abound in the gardening magazines at this time of year are not taken in Cornwall. Backlit by a low winters sun, my Miscanthus looks lovely, provided you don’t look too closely to see that half of it has collapsed. Fuchsia microphylla survived last night unscathed and if we get nothing colder, will be looking like this in February.


My magnolias are as usual hanging onto their leaves as late as possible. Leaf fall in this garden is a protracted affair, with each of the main players waiting their turn in a two month performance.
Alstroemeria ‘Indian Summer’ was intact yesterday, mush today. Easily takes the prize for length of display though.
Hakonechloa macra ‘Mediovariegata’ has turned straw coloured and the leaves have rolled up. It’s not a great look but I know they will unroll and the colour will be a bright spot in the midwinter months.
Camellia sasanqua ‘Navajo’ is an autumn flowerer that I have in full sun in the front garden. It isn’t well displayed against the white wall of the house but at this time of year I’m mainly looking at it out of the window.


So, winter is coming, another year is not far from closing out. There’s enough still happening to want to get out and take a look most days and it won’t be long before snowdrops start to appear to mark the start of another season.

As ever, writing this past was inspired by Helens end of month meme hosted on her Patient Gardener blog. There will be links to follow to other contributors.

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