End of month view-July 2016

Another month, another transition, or so it seems to me. July seems to have been the month when the pinks, reds, blues and mauves of early summer yield to the yellows, oranges and scarlets of late summer. I’ve gone overboard on Dahlias this year. I bought 20 new varieties from Varfell and while a few didn’t make it, most are seriously strutting their stuff. Mix in some Heleniums and begonias and I’m set for months of colour.


I discovered that the view from the bathroom is better than from the bedroom, except for having to hold the camera at arms length so as not to get the window in the picture. Imagine a line from the top left to bottom right; above it everything gets sun most of the day, below gets shade for most of the day. Thus I have a ribbon of sun loving, hot coloured planting above the line and cool pinks, blues and white below it.


Dahlias do things with colour that nothing else can match. They seem to have a clarity and intensity of colour that sets them apart. It seems that gardeners either embrace it or reject it. Some people try to do both, going for Dahlias with washed out pastel shades or squiffy, very dark flowers. I don’t myself see the point in that, but each to their own.

Helenium ‘Sahin’s Early Flowerer’

A lot of people seem to struggle with Heleniums, which I personally don’t understand as they seem to grow fine with minimal input for me. Having said that, ‘Moerheim Beauty’ has not grown anything like as well as ‘Sahins Early Flowerer’. ‘Chipperfield Orange’ does well too, flowering a bit later and quite a bit taller. They are hugely popular with butterflies and bees.

Our small front garden faces south and has the white wall of the house at its back. Agapanthus love it, with ‘Northern Star’ being one of the best but sadly also the most popular with slugs. Gladiolus papilio ‘Ruby’ flowers at the same time making an interesting combination.


At the foot of the house wall we stand out a great many pots for the summer, mainly of succulents but also a few with bedding for colour. I picked up a Pennisetum at the garden centre which is doing well; just noticed it has a cricket on it. At least it’s not locusts. I must see if I can find its label and I must water it, now!


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This end of month snapshot is my contribution to the Patient Gardener’s end of month meme. Check it out for virtual visits to a host of other gardens at the turn of the month.

2 thoughts on “End of month view-July 2016

  1. Those strong colors of the dahlias are so beautiful! I agree with you–I would just embrace them! Your garden is one I would like to take a walk in. Your shady path looks particularly inviting. Thanks for sharing!


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