End of month view, June 2016


There’s no getting away from the fact that foliage has had a better time of it this month than flowers. Growth of just about everything has been prodigious, except for the things I’ve failed to protect from slugs, but flowering has been patchy.


Foxgloves, mostly self sown pinks, a few planted whites, have been great all month. I grew sweet williams this year for the first time since childhood and they have been OK, they’re the pink in the foreground above, but they’ve grown tall and flopped. Just behind them I have two of my favourite plants getting into their stride: Hydrangea serrata varieties ‘Tiara’ and ‘Cap Suzin’.
The bamboo at right of the picture which was slapping me around the face while I took the picture, has had a torrid time since last autumn, lost numerous canes, lots more are leaning.

Hydrangea serrata ‘Cap Suzin’

The last word goes to foliage. Ferns of all kinds, grasses, especially Hakonechloa, Camellias and much else, have grown as much as I can ever remember. Good thing I like foliage plants and have plenty of them.

Dryopteris erythrosora, Camellia ‘Night Rider’ & Euphorbia mellifera.

Do check out all the other EOMV’s linked from the Patient Gardeners blog. There must be someone out there whose month hasn’t all been about rain and slugs.

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