Allotment update

It feels like about the midpoint of the season. I have now pretty much filled all the space I have, but looking forward a month or so I shall have a lot of free space where peas and potatoes have been harvested. Today I sowed perpetual spinach, beetroot, chard and cabbage in the hope that they will be ready to plant when the ground is available. We shall see. I feel I need to look quickly into whether there are other things I could also sow now. I’m also wondering whether things like leeks that I sowed a long while back could have been kept back to fill ground cleared of early crops, making best use of the space, rather than being the first crop in their space and the only one for the season.

I’m sure I’m trying to reinvent the wheel and that the answers lie between the pages of some of the books that I love to buy but don’t read as well as I might.

Perpetual spinach just planted beside my peas. If I’d sown it later it could have gone in when the peas were gone.
My leeks were small when planted and are being hit quite hard by slugs. If I’d held back they’d have been bigger, the ground dryer so less slugs; and I could have grown something else on the same patch as an early crop.
My salad crops were experimental, I expected the slugs to have them all. Flea beetle rendered mizuna and mustard unusable, slugs grazed the radishes. Black seeded Simpson lettuce and Red Kitten spinach are so far looking good.

I have a problem with moles, which seem to be working all over the plot, without making any hills. I keep hitting shallow tunnels. They’re also busy in my compost heap, feasting on the worms that are supposed to be making me a load of good compost for the autumn. Maybe I need to line the whole heap with wire mesh.

It’s fascinating stuff, learning from my successes and failures, as well as other plot holders successes and failures, not to mention bloggers and tweeters. The trick is to apply the lessons learned, not to repeat the mistakes, while also recognizing that not everything will succeed every year so not giving in too easily.

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