End of month view May 2016

One of the fascinating things about the end of month meme is that it provides an opportunity to compare one month with another. Up until the end of April there seemed to be very little to comment on by way of change, with one month end being little different from the one before.

Not so this month. Not only are there very obvious changes, the pace of change is dramatically faster. My end of may shots have plants coming to the end of their flowering period that had barely started a month earlier. Magnolia ‘Ann’ and Maianthemum racemosum are good examples.

It’s also the month when you get to take stock of what has survived the winter and where the gaps are. Gaps need filling, so plant buying trips are easily justified. I visited a local nursery that I have not been to before, though I’ve seen them at shows, and dug fairly deep for mainly woodland plants. I’ve blogged about them already so will say no more.

It’s been a month of chaos and chaos resolved in that glasshouse space has been bulging with young plants, flowers and veg, which by months end have mostly been planted out. There have been many days where plants have been moved out by day and back in by night. I’m very pleased to have brought on young plants of nearly all of our 80 odd Fuchsias, many of which had grown old and woody. I’m less pleased that at least two of my newly purchased Dahlias look to have virus.

Right, some pictures. All were taken today or in the last few days.

May view-2
Schefflera taiwaniana bottom left, Maianthemum racemosum and Magnolia ‘Ann’ right.
Papaver bracteata
Papaver bracteata, 1.5m tall, flowers 20cm across.
Floweriest bit of cactus collection.
Athyrium otophorum ‘Okanum’ and Polystichum proliferum. I have lots of ferns and they all look good with their new growth at this time of year.
Maianthemum bifolium, Geranium palmatum, Geranium phaeum ‘Langthornes Blue’ and Diplarrena moraea.
Astelia chathamica, Papaver bracteata, Digitalis purpurea, Convallaria majalis ‘Vic Pawlowski’s Gold’, Ixia ‘Venus’ and Weigela ‘Kosteriana Variegata’
May view-3
180 degrees from top picture

This is my contribution to the End of Month View meme, hosted by The Patient Gardener. Please visit her to find links to lots of other EOM views, armchair garden visiting at its finest.

8 thoughts on “End of month view May 2016

  1. Just lovely! I’m impressed by all your blooming cactus. Also–your vibrant-looking ferns. I can not get ferns to stay alive for me.
    Thanks for sharing your garden!


    1. Credit for the cacti all goes to my partner. Ferns just grow well in my shadier areas, I don’t do anything special for them. But then wild ferns are pretty lush in this part of the world (Cornwall)


  2. Oh my, your garden is beautiful Jim. Schefflera envy here. Is it hardy inland? My one and only specimen, obtained years ago from Homebase, usefully labelled only as ‘Schefflera’, lives indoors.


    1. The house plant Schefflera definitely isn’t hardy but there are several species around that people have been growing outdoors for many years, such that in Cornwall you see them 20feet tall. I don’t know how hardy they are in colder areas. I don’t know what Crug say about hardiness on their website.
      And I’m pleased you like the garden, doing the blog is a bit like opening the garden, it’s an incentive to do better.


  3. Lovely garden Jim – you are obviously a dedicated collector as well as a good gardener! I wish and wish for Papaver bracteatum. Keep trying to do it from seed (other oriental poppies do fine) but not successfully. After your pictures I shall just have to buy a plant!


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