Shopping trip-2

A week ago, I went to Barracott Plants on a plant hunting expedition, coming home with enough goodies to write a blog about, which I duly did. Trouble was , a couple of things I’d been wanting I was unable to find and the nursery owner was away so I was advised to come back. No hardship, a week later I’m back there again.

Came away with another tasty mix of new plants, even including one of the things I’d had on my list the week before. That was Polygonatum hybridum ‘Betburg’, a soloman’s seal that starts off the season with lovely glacous grey-purple leaves. It later fades to green, and my plant is green, but hopefully it will survive the slug onslaught and do its thing next year. I’d seen it at Rosemoor a week earlier, which was what prompted the nursery visit.

Polygonatum hybridum ‘Betburg’ at RHS Rosemoor


Melittis melisophyllum, Bastard Balm, is a fairly uncommon native which grows in a hedgerow quite near here. I figured a variety of it should do as well, so bought a plant of the striking M.m. ‘Royal Velvet Distinction’.

Melittis melisophyllum ‘Royal Velvet Distinction’


We were taken down to the glasshouse where all the real goodies are kept, well away from the main nursery. Oh joy! Podophyllum ‘Kaleidoscope’ had to come home with me. Doodia media is a fern I’ve seen and nearly bought several times before; this time the astonishing colour of its new growth overwhelmed any reluctance.

Podophyllum ‘Kaleidoscope’
Doodia media

Back on the main nursery I spotted an interesting plant with what was clearly the wrong label in it. It came home with me anyway and I am satisfied that it is in fact Disporum viridescens.

Disporum viridescens

With Lamprocapnos spectabilis ‘Gold Heart’ we completed our purchases, loaded the car and headed for the gate. Trolley by gate, with bargain basement offers, mostly tomatoes, on it. Ever a sucker for a bargain, what looked like a double flowered cowslip but had a broken label, came home with us to get some TLC. It transpires, via Google, that a double flowered cowslip is exactly what it is, called Primula veris ‘Katy McSparron’.

I have to admit that shopping is usually anthema to me, but put me down in a decent nursery with a few quid in my pocket and I’m happy as Larry.

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