A day in May

I see myself as the sort of gardener who is very interested in individual plants and rather less interested in the overall composition. That said, I am not indifferent to it and to group plants by their cultural requirements often leads to a visually harmonious effect. I don’t have a large garden and in order to fit in all the things I want to grow I don’t have a lawn or much by way of patios or garden structures other than to grow plants in or on. Today I went round with my camera and this is what I found in flower.

When I say that I have been round far larger gardens and found less to take pictures of, I am merely saying that my garden is providing me with what I want. I recognise that we are all different and for other people my little patch could be seen as an uncoordinated mish mash of plants thrown together with no regard for design or colour or a dozen other aesthetic criteria.

Am I bovvered? Nope. I still like to see what other people do in their gardens, online or in the flesh as it were. I am always open to ideas, even design ideas, but for me the plants will always come first.

There are people about who seem to look much harder for the things they can find fault with than for the things they like. Perhaps they are afraid to admit to liking something in case it attracts scorn from someone else. I don’t know, I don’t understand that sort of mentality.







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