End of month view, March 2016


There’s actually quite a lot going on in the garden now, but almost all of it is only visible close up. Shoots are pushing up, buds are swelling, flowers are emerging. From any distance though, it looks the same as it did in January. What I need to do is focus on individuals, not the wider picture.

Camellias ‘Annette Carol’, ‘Bob’s Tinsie’ and ‘Charles Colbert’

We’ve had some very windy weather this month, as befits March, which has played havoc with all but the most robust blooms. I’m glad I’m not having to look for entries to the Flower Show at Bocconnoc this weekend. There’s also been a touch of frost on a few nights, which meant my Magnolia ‘Vulcan’, which had promised so much, largely failed to deliver.

Corydalis solida, Muscari latifolium and Caltha polypetala.


Corydalis solida is very ephemeral. It appears in March and by May will have disappeared. It just appeared some years ago and ranks high amongst the many uninvited guests in my garden. The Muscari is beginning to spread about a little; not as enthusiastically as the common one, which is a good thing. The Caltha survived the filling in of our pond and is now just as happy as a bog plant as it was in a foot of water.

While there may not be as much happening as I would like, there’s no shortage of things to do. I’ve had little success with direct sown veg on my allotment so seed sowing under glass is well under way. Salad veg is this years experiment, along with not digging.

I also went for a Thompson and Morgan special offer of 10 packets of seeds, mostly flowers, for a fiver. If they grow that will be a bargain.

Posted as my contribution to the Patient Gardeners end of month meme.

One thought on “End of month view, March 2016

  1. Hi Jim, I popped over to see your blog after reading your comment on The Patient Gardener. I kept my head down on my own blog for several months, writing and taking photographs for my own pleasure and record – but then discovered almost by accident the friendly community of gardening bloggers. Commenting on other posts gradually brought comments on mine, as did categorising it under ‘gardening’ as well as ‘gardens’ – and gradually it took off as I realised how much my life was enriched by the interaction. Would I have been happy just with my simple gardening record if this had not happened? Probably, yes – but my life would have been very much poorer


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