End of month view, January 2016

January-view-1I missed last month and am late this because I’ve been on holiday in Australia. The main impression on arriving home is that it looks pretty much the same as it did when I left. The Hakonechloas are deader and brighter, that’s the orangey blobs; there’s an Azalea flowering.
I’ve just been out clearing up wet, smothering magnolia leaves and my Paesia is producing new growth. Mukdenia is pushing up flowers, Chrysoplenium is flowering. In short, not much is happening. Oh, I have a flower on a couple of my Camellia reticulata seedlings.

Camellia YojimboAnd to think that a couple of weeks back I was cutting back bougainvillea with a hedge trimmer and sawing down 4 metre tall Strelitzia nicolai.


Where I’d rather be. Wouldn’t you?

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